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A Reader’s and Photographer’s Digest

To start this week on the right foot, here are a few links I thought you might find of interest – plus the astonishing photography of Cato Lein.

Excellent piece on Obama’s ‘Renegade’ Campaign For The Presidency

Election day starts, in the small hours, where the candidate has spent most of his last 626 days: on a plane. Stuck to the gray plastic walls of the pressurized cabin are snapshots of his odyssey across cities and fields, mountains and deserts, continents and oceans. A snowstorm in Iowa, a press conference in Downing Street. Camera crews dozing onboard, Secret Service agents sharing a joke. The candidate signing books, reporters holding audio recorders close to his face.

Music Review – At the White House, a Blend of Jazz Greats and Hopefuls

It was not the full-force, let-a-thousand-saxophones-bloom, this-is-our-music festival that some might have wished from a White House where the language of jazz seems to have a place, at least in the president’s iPod. But it was a good start.

The Seven Ages of Steve Jobs (a slideshow)

Day one: Steve Jobs (right) with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the day they founded the company, working the “Errol Flynn and a hobbit” look that was all the rage in ’76. Note the intense glare and moustache: pre-requisites for any serious geeks looking to take over the Valley.

Shailja Patel on one of my photographs

I am totally enamoured of black and white photography these days. This one evokes images of 1960s Nairobi parties, in newly-independent Kenya; morsels of history I’ve pored over in albums carefully assembled and preserved by my eldest aunt.

The astonishing photographs of Cato Lein

Bengt AnderbergBirgitta TrotzigZadie Smith

Bengt Anderberg, Birgitta Trotzig and Zadie Smith


And to end, a portrait of Shailja Patel from my own lens:

Shailja Patel


Recent comments:

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    June 22nd, 2009 @19:33 #

    The photos are amazing (including and esp yrs). The Steve Jobs slide-show is hysterical. Erm, maybe fashion does matter (or so Lauren keeps telling me).


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