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Victor Dlamini

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Against Golf Evangelism (My First Column for The Daily Maverick)

I don’t know what it is about golfers, but their unrestrained zeal for their sport always rubs me the wrong way. I have no problem with people who love their chosen sport, who are even passionate about it, but golfers are not content to leave it there. Most of the time they behave as if they are evangelists, preaching the gospel of golf, out to net any prospective convert. Even worse, if you dare say that you do not play golf – that in fact you have zero interest in golf – they start to regard you as some kind of low-life.

In the workplace golfers behave as if they are members of a cult. Enjoying, as they do, the protection and beaming support of the Chairman and CEO, they walk with a swagger and a confidence that suggests that they are the chosen ones. I am always outraged by the amount of time they manage to take from their official duties to devote to a game. Of course they’ll give you stories about how many deals they close on the golf course, but this always seems to me like a lot of baloney. If this were indeed the case, then it seems to me that the sales profession needs to come up with a more effective way of closing deals. Doing it on the golf course, even if you are only playing nine holes, is a particularly long-winded and inefficient way of “closing” deals.


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